Utopia Soy Candles

  Your healthier alternative candle

customer testimonials

"We bought one of the Maple Syrup Candles and we LOVE it!! It was great chatting with you guys, thank you!!."-Amanda

"The Utopia candles are wonderful! Not harmful to those with COPD and can be used as a candle, massage oil and a beautiful centre piece for all of your holiday needs! Great as a gift or for your home! I would recommend Utopia Candles to anyone!"  Tanya

"Amazing soy candles! It smells up my whole apartment and literally has been lit for 3.5 days and is still going!!." (this is the 8 ounce jars, not yet available in webstore -Michelle

 "I met you today at Bark Fest! - As i promised I am burning the Sex on the Beach candle right now - I must say I AM IN HEAVEN" - Alison Elizabeth

"I was sick with a bad cold, the Eucalyptus essential oil soy candle was fantastic for me.  I carried it around to each room I was in, it kept my sinuses opened as I healed up (3 days).  Thank you Utopia Soy Candles!" - Jane