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French Vanilla


Awe, the smooth rich creamy scent that creates a home comfort.   French Vanilla!

 The fragrance of French Vanilla, Soy wax Candle is a 4 ounce candle when lit.  Your candle and scent when lit will last you approximately 30 hours.

 One of our Top Ten sellers!



The candle will provide approximatley 30 hours of the french vanilla scent enjoyment. Attractively packaged in a Travel Tin.


It is Made of 100% Soy Wax candle, with a cotton paper wick, having the wonderful scent of French Vanilla.


When you have finished enjoying the candle, your container can be a great reusable container. Just wash it with warm soapy water, pop out the metal wick holder, dry it well and reuse the container for various little things for organizing at home.



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